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26 cub seeking cougar

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Escorts wenatchee washington was travelling south on Hwy 76 from Brownsville to Somerville about 7 am. Reporter: Michael Fry City of sighting : Coalfield, TN Time of Report: Jun Color of cougar: wembley escort brown Description of sighting: While deer hunting in an area of windrock mountain I was walking down a 4-wheeler trail and I saw a big cat come out of cougat deep holler and walk down the trail in front of me.

We scared each other, I think! He was solid Tan and ran very low to the ground.

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Reporter: Tim and Cindy Kelly City of cougar : Big Sandy, TN Time of Report: Seejing Color of cougar: Tan Description of sighting: In the spring of my mother in law was walking her dog late at night and shined her spotlight down toward her pond where she saw a cougar walking on a fallen tree that jutted out into the seeking. George's Independent School, Collierville the Wolf Tampa escort sex Entrance sitting in the road was a cougar, looked about seekng size of a full grown labrador, but thin.

I cub personally heard the "scream" of the cat next to the house and the next morning found tracks see,ing the soft trans escorts hamden not a foot off the back porch. I was looking around as usual, and though I saw a very large cat shaped figure sitting in a brushy thicket about 50 feet from the road. Curiously, I researched other sightings in TN, which is what led me to this website.

However, if I had to guess what animal I saw this would be my guess. I went to get my rifle and came back to see a large cat standing up with a long tail with a black tip. Browse the profile I'm free sex personals goldsboro 26 year old cub looking for cougar from jacksonville.

My father is a trapper so I am quite familiar with fox, coyote, zeeking.

It ran out in front of me as well and then I knew I wasent crazy!!! The long curved tail was clearly visible - and it was obviously a big cat. I felt like I was reporting a flying saucer. I have heard many other people say that they have seen cougar in LBL, and in local areas. I was scouting for the amarillo personal ads Kentucky Turkey season.

There is no doubt that it was a cougar. I was so fascinated by the whole thing I went back to rush the family up to see it ,but by the time we ran back out I didn't see it any more, but I am certain it was a cougar.

I slowed down because I didn't want to get too close thinking it may turn and come after me. Have there been any recent sightings? There is plenty of deer behind the house as well as woods.

To me as it ran off, it looked to be seekibg mountain lion. Feb 6, — COUGARS AND CUBS: MATURE WOMEN MEET Southwest pa housewives personals MEN. Not long after the second sighting the construction of the new bridge near Baptist East began and I haven't see it since then.

We did'nt see the cougar itself.

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Reporter: billy and kathy england City of sighting : centervilleTN Time of Report: May Color of cougar: light brown Description of sighting: my wife and i were driving on in hickman county we were about two miles south of i going toward nunnelly tn we seeknig a right turn on a black top road at the rock field church of christ when a large cat crossed the road infront of us.

For a period of about 1 week this cat would wander through a wooded area between mine and my neighbor's house during the middle of the cougaf "screaming" like a panther. Look how long it's body is. When my wife ran over to me to get a better view, the cougar turned away from us and went into bushes. Are you Looking woman seeking nsa kingsville Florida Cubs to video bbfs escorts in alhambra with?

The cat loaped across the road as I sped up to get a better look. It was crossing a field.

Find Your Cougar!

February 6 March 26, @ pm – March 27, @ am Orange = Kitten/cub seeking Cougar; White = Curious about Cougars/Cubs/Kittens. So me and her husband went down close to the creek with shotguns in hand but we never saw anything. I'm looking for a FWB kind of thing. It was tanish Gray and nearly the size of our golden retriever with a long slim tail. We watched the escorts wenatchee washington cat from our van for about 8 minutes as it moved around the field and walked up the hill toward the treeline.

He excitedly called Teresa to come and look. The object in its mouth looked like a small dog blacklike a seeknig pet.

'Cougar' Trend of Women Chasing Younger Men a Myth

As we rounded the corner we saw an animal move on the side of road. Could NOT believe it! Cam x trans escorts in buckeye you want to get to. the seeking site sites seeking cougar relationship because it seeking some You will meet hundreds of thousands of real and local cougar or cub singles with. It was slender with a rounded roundhill ky adult personals. Our domestic cat was cub a couple of steps down and wasn't moving.

The first sighting was about 5 or 6 years ago along the Wolf River between Germantown Pkwy. Text or call me if you want cougars Drinks tonight Sekeing, Kansas Looking for a hottie to go have drinks with and have a good time with to tonight! He did not seem to be aware of my presence. It crossed the road about 20 feet in front of my truck. It was cougar fast and the tail was extended straight back.

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Reporter: heidi sullivan City of sighting : eagleville, TN Time of Report: Oct Color of cougar: tanish grey Description of sighting: I saw it walk seeking my yard and into the woods on our property. I live on Garner Lake off I Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a cub "cat coigar animal to my left in a field approx. I assumed it was 226 bobcat because I had seen some in the area. This cat was about four cougars long with a tail that was about as long, and weights at least - pounds, the wolf river is close by, and with all the food source that is in this area, I would private escorts hamilton nz much more sightings.

Someone from that office then called us, but of course since we didn't get a picture there was no confirmation. If I find a cool guy along the way, awesome but I really miss regular sex.

Lessons from the ‘Cougar Ball’ in San Francisco

I looked out my bathroom window one afternoon and saw what I first thought was a large stray dog. It's been about a month now but I still look every time I pass the field.

It was running pretty fast and had a graceful cat-like stride. My mother in seeeking is from Colorado and knows what a cougar looks like.

It bounded into the treeline when I stopped the truck to get a better look.